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Marlboro Cigarettes for Sale

Marlboro Cigarettes

The marvel Marlboro Cigarettes brand commenced in England 1847 and was from begining focused at female smokers. It wasn't a great marketing tool, and the decision was to re-targeted Marlboro Cigarettes (in the 1920's) to female smokers in the US. In this period Marlboro was just a 'soft' brand cigarette. These campaigns stayed into World War II when Marlboro was removed from the market.

Only on 1950's Marlboro was again put in to the market. In comparison to other non-filtered-cigarettes of that time, Marlboro Cigarette was a filtered cigarette, so this obviosly was an tentative to win against other concurents.

During the 50's, the company started to refocus their production for men. One of the first logo of this new modification in marketing was the 'Tatooed Man'. After that the company used a lot of images to describe this brand but in the 1954 they introduced the now well known 'Marlboro Man' was introduced, and by 1963 was the only illustration of Marlboro Cigarettes logo.

Marlboro Cigarettes became the nr.1 in the 'World of tobacco brands' around 1972 and rested so, for the most part since now.