Cheap LD Cigarettes for Sale

LD cigarettes available for sale are manufactured in Europe. They are not imitations of the world famous LD cigarette brand, they are original tobacco products properly marked and labeled. Buy LD cigarettes for cheap only with Cigarettesfor.US and enjoy the the highest quality and freshness available on the American tobacco market.


LD Cigarettes for Sale

LD Cigarettes

LD Cigarettes for Cheap named from Ligget Ducat, is a Japan brand. It was first set in motion in Russia and became in a short time very successful. Liggett Ducat smokes was purchased by the Gallaher Group in 2000, after what it was bought by JTI in 2007. By the Japan Tobacco Inc. information, their brand now is sold in over 30 countries.

Gallahar Group is a a big Irish Tobacco company, it was formed by Tom Gallaher in 1857 in Derry, Ireland. On 4 august 2000 Gallaher group bought Liggett Ducat and all the rights on LD Cigarettes for Sale, Russias's number one cigarettes, and in january 2002 it was 100% owner of tobacco-company Austria Tabak.

At the end, Japan Tabaco became the only proprietor of the Gallaher Group on 18 April 2007, also Japan Tabaco decided to close Gallaher's head office in Weybridge. LD Cigarettes for Less have today cigarettes for both men and women. LD Cigarettes are a tobacco cheap product with a pretty aroma.